Why I Love Harlequin Romances

harlequincoverSo, I read another harlequin book over the weekend. Though I don’t read a lot of fiction, I just love the Harlequin stories.  You can count on Harlequin to deliver the same type of feel-good story with each book.  They know how to deliver a brand and never disappoint.  Each story begins with “the reason why two people can’t be together” and it’s always interesting.  He’s always rich and handsome.  You know that.  And in the end, they end up together.  You can count on it and that is why their books are so successful.

 If Harlequin was a TV series, I would tune in every night.  I LOVE THEIR STORIES.  I just adore their stories.

The story I read over the weekend was about this rich business owner who was going to be deported from the U.S. He was in need of a fake wife for a year until he could become a citizen.  A beautiful woman in his company was recruited, paid $2 million for the deed.  She had to move into his mansion (poor baby). She had her separate room, but you know in the end, they fell in love.  I just ate up that story.  I think I might be a Harlequin junkie.  I love their stories.