-All My Favorites –


Favorite Food: Pork Ribs

Favorite Ice Cream: Banana

Favorite Book: The Prospering Power of Love by Catherine Ponder

All-Time Favorite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Greatest Possession:  My Journal

Favorite Classic TV Shows: Will & Grace, Spin City

Favorite Television Network: Investigation Discovery

Celebrity I’d Most Like to Have Tea With: Larry David

Favorite Website: Amazon.com

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Fruit: Red Grapes

Favorite Day: Sunday

Favorite Meal: Breakfast

Favorite Movie Star: Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite Pass time: Reading, Journaling

Favorite Music: Newage Jazz

Favorite Movie Genre: Psychological Thrillers

Favorite Philosophy: Whatever love you can get or give, whatever happiness you can find – Whatever Works–Larry David from the movie “Whatever Works”

Favorite Animal: Dog, elephant.  I love dogs because they are super sweet, and I love the elephant because they are gentle animals most of the time, except for two weeks out of the year when they go crazy and tear up shit. (Now why does that intrigue me?)

What I Love To Do More Than Anything Else: Talk