New Book Inspired by Sister Wives to Be Published This Christmas

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Josephine Chol

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New Novel Inspired by Sister Wives to Be Published This Christmas

EVANSTON, IL – Monterey Books – With the success of TV shows such as Big Love and Sister Wives, comes the outlandish comedy, The Women Who Love Rome (ISBN 9781534788220) by London Tracy. In the vein of a twenty-first century lifestyle, this comedy tells the story of four rebels, one delicious man and three unforgettable women who shake up the town of Sandcastle Beach, Illinois with their outrageous, over-the-top, and flamboyant way of expressing themselves.

This unique family-of-four does everything together: They sleep in the same bed, cook together, shop together, shower together, entertain each other with their hilarious views about life and even experiment with an exotic kind of ice cream that evokes extreme euphoria. But don’t let the cover image fool you,” says Tracy. “You won’t find much sex in this fable because it’s all about the laughs.”

Tracy admits that up until she penned this comedy, she never dreamed that she would consider sharing a man with another woman, much less two, however, now, after spending countless hours in the fictitious world of Rome, India, Storm and Thursday, she’s had a complete change of heart.

About the Author: London Tracy lives in Illinois. This is her first novel.

This romantically-laced comedy hits bookstore shelves December 14, 2016.

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The Inspiration behind the Women Who Love Rome


The Inspiration behind The Women Who Love Rome

My inspiration for The Women Who Love Rome stems from a titillating conversation I had with my ex-boyfriend who shall remain nameless as he is currently married. One Sunday afternoon, this nameless individual shared with me via telephone that since marrying two years prior, he many days wished that he could share his home with two women instead of one.

Not necessarily shocked by his confession as he always possessed that out-side-the-box mentality, his words did give me a fascinating idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a story about a man who shares his home and his bed with two, maybe three women? From there, The Women Who Love Rome was born. Though the story has a few hot moments, it is more funny than anything else, which was my intention.

In the coming pages is my version of what life could be like sharing a man with two other women. While writing and re-rewriting this story, I continued to ask myself: Could I actually share a man with two other women?

Here is my answer: If I met a man as handsome, as rich, as sexy, as sweet, as witty and downright irresistible and who curled my toes the way Rome Nicki did?

Absolutely! Where do I sign up?

–London Tracy

How To Become a Dating Superstar



According to my sister, who met her husband online more than five years ago, in order to be successful at online dating, you have to know the secret, “and that secret” says my sister, “is the right attitude, the right intentions and the right strategy.”

This is how the conversation began over a glass of iced tea when I shared with my sister that I was tired of being single and was ready to get married again, which would be a second time for me.

This was when my sister shared with me the secret rituals of online dating. She continued by informing me that first and foremost, I can’t look at online dating as a means to finding a husband, but to instead view it as a way to meet and converse with interesting people and have tons and tons of fun.

The biggest mistake women make besides giving up hope that they will ever meet that special man is expecting every man that they agree to meet will qualify as spousal material, which leads to major disappointments. Instead, the right attitude to possess is to view every date as a one-time only occurrence. Pretend that he is a passenger next to you on a flight from New York to Hawaii. Just enjoy the ride with no expectations.

My sister insists that having those goals in mind is a win-win scenario and that I am guaranteed to meet with success ten times out of ten if I adhere to that mentality. “It doesn’t matter if I’m sexually drawn to him or not, not in the beginning anyway” she insists, “You’re just there for the fun and the food.”

So as my sister continued lecturing to me, I asked her, “when will I meet my husband if all I’m doing is enjoying good food and good conversation?”

“That’s when it will happen,” she assured me, “when you’re just having fun. That is when your husband will arrive and not a minute sooner.”

In light of my conversation with my sister, I have decided to adhere to her advice and become an online-dating superstar. I’m planning to post my profile on three different websites: Match, Tangowire and POF. My goal is to have so much fun meeting and conversing with different people that I forget that I am actually seeking a husband. Finding a husband is a numbers game like anything else. The more you put yourself out there, the better your chances. I theorize that if I date a minimum of twice a month, eventually I will connect with the right soul and when that happens, marriage can’t be far behind.

As I think about the advice of my sister, I am reminded of my aunt who took a swimming class seven times before she learned to swim. And I asked her, “why did you take it so many times?”

Her answer. “I wanted to learn to swim.”

The moral of the story. If you want something, you keep at it until it happens or until you no longer want it.

And that’s a wrap.

London Tracy is an author and freelance book reviewer for Publishers Weekly. Her novel, “The Women Who Love Rome” will be published in December 2016.

Top 10 Keys to Everlasting Happiness


(10) Relaxing in a hot shower with caress soap.

(9) Drinking delicious coffee with cream.

(8) Watching the movie, the Wolf of Wall Street.

(7) Having a dog to love.

(6) Having great sex.

(5) Enjoying a bottle of white wine.

(4) Having a job that you love.

(3) Having good friends that you can talk to about anything.

(2) Looking into the mirror and adoring what you see.

(1) Praying to God, knowing that everything will always be okay.


London Tracy is the author of the soon-to-be released novel, “The Women Who Love Rome.”

Why the TV show Lethal Weapon is Doomed


Okay, I have been a huge fan of the Lethal Weapon franchise since the 80s. I have seen them all, with parts one and two being my favorite.

I love the characters Danny Glover and Mel Gibson so much, I would watch them in anything. It wouldn’t matter what the plot of the story was, just so long as they were together.

When I heard the news that Hollywood was turning one of my favorite movies into a TV show, needless to say, I was more than excited. Practically drooling from the mouth, I immediately went online to check out the trailer for what was to be my favorite TV show this fall and believe me, outside of politics, reruns of Seinfeld and Wills & Grace, I watch practically no current TV programming.

After watching the three-minute trailer, I wasn’t sure what to think right away. Apart of me was still very excited about spending time with my buds from Lethal Weapon every week, while the other part of me was like: That’s not Riggs and Murtaugh. In light of that, the character portraying Martin Riggs proves promising, but then there’s Damon Wayans, whom I happen to like a lot, however, portraying Danny Glover is not an easy task for anyone, simply because Danny Glover, in real life and on the big screen, is the sweetest thing ever. In a nutshell, he’s a teddy bear that you never tire of squeezing. To put it bluntly, Damon Wayans is not loveable or likeable enough for that matter, to wear Danny Glover’s shoes and for that reason, this show is doomed to fail.

I fell in love with Lethal Weapon many years ago, not because they were detectives solving crimes. I fell in love with the characters and the chemistry between them. Without that, the Lethal Weapon TV show will be just another run-of-the-mill cop buddy show. Now, having said that, will I at least watch the first episode?

The answer is yes, eventually. I will watch it on demand the day after it airs.

And that’s my take on the TV show Lethal Weapon.

London Tracy is the author of the soon-to-be released novel “The Women Who Love Rome.”

Skeptical vs. Hopeless

Are you skeptical or hopeless?

The other day I was very excited to share with my good friend about the wonderful things that were happening to me since I began my recent daily practicing of reciting the Prayer of Jabez.

Because I am aware of all the things that he wants to achieve, such as breaking into the entertainment industry, finding a job and getting his small business off the ground, I was certain that he might be wiling to make reciting the Prayer of Jabez a personal practice of his very own.

I was wrong.

He was not interest at all.  In fact, he went on to inform me that he did not believe in that kind of stuff.

“Stuff?”  I questioned.  “You mean prayer? You don’t believe in prayer,” I asked.

“Yes, I believe in prayer,” he answered. ” But I don’t give credence to the Prayer of Jabez.

What he wanted to say, but didn’t, was that he believes that the Prayer of Jabez is superstitious. I am certain he was not alone in his thinking.  Many people believe, as I used to be one of them, that hard work and talent is enough to achieve  great success.

If that were true, then there would be more successful people in this world living their dreams.

It would be many years before I would learn that hard work and talent is just NOT enough.  Something else is needed, perhaps a little thing called prayer.

I don’t believe that my friend is skeptical.  He is more on the side of hopeless.  He does not believe he can have the things that he wants so therefore, why bother with the Prayer of Jabez.

He’s not skeptical. He is downright hopeless.

London Tracy is the author of “Miracle Prayer for Finding Love.”

Is It Your Hormones or Is Your Life Messed Up?

It is no secret to any woman that being female is hard. Not only are we nurturers and providers, but we also have to deal with fluctuating hormones on a monthly basis, sometimes even daily basis.

For those of you who have endured the wrath of PMS, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  And for the women who are moving towards menopause, I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Because there can be a thin line that separates true PMS distress and the distress of our lives, I have created a test which can be self-administered whenever you are in doubt about whether it’s PMS that is responsible for your miserable day, or simply put, maybe your life is just messed up.

You begin the test on the day in question.

What is bothering you today?  Don’t leave anything out. List everything that is truly bothering you today.

Is it that you hate your job?

Are you worried that your boyfriend may not ever propose?

Is it that your husband no matter how many times you ask, he just wont help out around the house?

Do you wish you could stick to a diet for more than a couple of days?

Now, after you have been totally honest with yourself and made a list of everything that is bothering you, you’re now ready for the second part.

Think about the things on your list.  Think back to a time when you were in a good mood.

Did these same things bother you then?  Last week, you were in a good mood, but it may not have bothered you that your husband would not help out around the house.

Maybe last week, your job didn’t seem so bad.

The point is, if these things that bother you today don’t usually bother you, especially when you are in a good mood, then it’s safe to say that unbalanced hormones are the culprit for your negative emotions.

On the other hand, if what is bothering you today are the same things that were bothering you last week, and the week before that, it pains me to say what that means, so I won’t, but the answer is not good.

London Tracy is an author, screenwriter and freelance writer. She is the author of “For Women Only, a Novel Approach to Depression in Women.”

Your Story Isn’t Over

Your Story Isn’t Over

For as long as we are alive, our lives will forever be in motion. People will come into our lives, and people will leave our lives. We will always be moving towards one thing and away from other things. All the while this is happening, we may experience some setbacks and some unexpected life’s crisis.

However, regardless of what happens to us, where we might end up doesn’t necessarily mean that is where we will stay. Just because you are where you are today doesn’t mean that you will be at that same place next year or even the year after that because your story is not over. Your life is not finished yet. Until you leave this earth, your life will always remain a mountain of clay, constantly being molded and shaped by our behavior, decisions and the outside influences which we have no control over.

In knowing this, how does this knowledge enhance our lives or give hope to the hopeless?

The knowledge that though you may be somewhere unpleasant today, doesn’t necessarily translate into an eternity. The fact that you are unemployed today, but may be employed next week is enough to restore hope at God speed.

Knowing that just because you are not married today does not mean you won’t be married next year adds peace to the worried spirit.

Think for a moment about motivational speaker, James Arthur Ray. A lot of you might know him as one of the guests featured in the movie, The Secret. Several years ago, he was at the height of his career, even appeared on Oprah twice and earned millions and millions of dollars. Many people would have thought that that was how his story would end. But because your story is never over until you pass away, anything and everything can change in the beat of a drum. His story didn’t end there. James Arthur Ray was sentenced to two years in jail for involuntary manslaughter.

But guess what?

His story still isn’t over. We don’t know where his story will end.

And then, there’s the man with the golden voice. He was homeless, begging for change to eat and drink. Is that how his story ended, with him dead somewhere in the alley from starvation or a drug overdose?

No, that’s not how it ended.

The homeless man with the golden voice was discovered on YouTube and was offered a radio announcer job with a major company.

I guess his story wasn’t completely over, and it’s still not over.

In closing, I say to you, whatever is going on in your life, I can assure you, it’s only temporary. Life has a way of moving us in the direction it wants us to go whether we want to go that way or not. So for anyone out there, regardless of your dire situation, remind yourself every day, several times a day if you have to that your story is not over. And not because I said so, but, because, IT IS SO!

London Tracy is the author of “For Women Only, a Novel Approach to Depression in Women” and Your Life Story Could Be a Best Seller.”