Greatest Movie Ever!


If ever there was a movie that conveyed just how much we as humans need each other in this world to survive, this movie is it.

Though some people will categorize it as a love story, it’s about a lot more than that. This is the story about a naval officer whose mother committed suicide when he was young and a father who never wanted him. Becoming a naval officer is his last attempt to find a place for himself in this world and create a sense of belonging.

The only problem is–because of the lack of love and nurture he received as a kid, he has built up a wall to prevent himself from ever loving or needing anyone ever again. He views himself as an island. He doesn’t need anyone and hopefully, for his sake, no one will need him either. In the end, he finds out just how much he and everyone else in this world need each other to survive and thrive.

Richard Gere’s transformation into one of the best human beings you could ever hope to be will make you cry like a baby. Yes, I have seen this story at least 10 times and I am waiting, actually wishing for the day when I can watch it and not howl like a cow. I doubt I will ever watch it again, just for that reason.

This story is filled with lovable characters, including Richard Gere, Louise Gossett, Jr. and the lists goes on and on. I would be just so lucky to have friends like the ones in this heart wrenching story. If there is such a thing as perfect human beings, no one comes as close as the characters in this story.

Want Your Book Reviewed?


I am a professional book reviewer for Kirkus and Booklists.

I will write a 220-250-word review of your title within two to four weeks and post it at Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble. Within this 220-250-word review, I will state who I believe the audience to be for this title, and my general impressions. If it’s fiction, I will write a short summary of the story. In addition, I may speak about the entertainment value, character, style of writing and/or use of dialogue.

If it’s nonfiction, I will also provide a short premise of the book, discuss audience, style of writing and whether the book says something different and answer the question: Will it be helpful to others.

My genres of interest include:

Nonfiction – Self/Help, psychology, diet/health, writing reference, business, metaphysics

Fiction – Romance, some mystery and some memoirs

I will also review screenplays.

If you are interested in having me review your title, please send me a one paragraph summary, and if it’s nonfiction, please also include the table of contents.

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Below you will find two sample reviews, which I have written:

On the heels of her successful blog, self-described avid drug user, has pieced together a host of mildly entertaining advice to her readers. As with most personal advice columns, the questions that readers pose to her are at least as interesting as the answers. With a swift-kick-in-the-pants approach, and using profanity as her weapon, the author offers her two cents on the topics of drugs, relationships, sex, and surprisingly, even God. Much of her advice stems from her running theme that life is pointless and then you die. The author’s responses to her readers are direct and blunt, but peppered with universal messages that cut to the chase. With a sharp tongue, she makes no promise to make her readers feel good. At times, her morbid views about life and relationships can leave readers feeling dreadfully dispirited. Foul and offensive are just a couple of words that describe the author’s approach to her reader’s concerns, which proves evident when she suggest a reader go “F” herself. To say that the author is an internet advice blogger does not do her justice because she does more than just advises, she degrades her readers with her arguments and out-of-the-park theories. Questions about first-time drug use and specific sex acts are certain to be a hit with the young college students. If the author’s intention is to offend, shock, and insult, perhaps even disturb, she succeeds many times over.


Bringing over thirty years of experience on the subject of motivating and teaching women, the author has crafted a smart and necessary message to all women. The authors’ advice to women is clear and succinct: Speak up for yourself. If someone does something that offends you, say so, regardless of how much you would rather avoid it. From the very first chapter, readers will know that they have stumbled onto something critical when they learn that a difficult conversation is when you want to ask someone to start doing something or to stop doing something. The majority of the book is devoted to the how of having these unpleasant talks. Told in a very straight forward fashion, the authors have delivered an effective message that will benefit many, however, the title falls short in demonstrating the magnitude of this important directive. The most notable part is when the authors speak candidly about the popular “silent treatment” that many women inflict on others who have wronged them. Almost every woman alive will recognize herself in this scenario. The authors continue on by making an excellent argument about exactly why the silent treatment is unfair and almost always proves ineffective. Any woman reading this book will be inspired, if only for the first time ever, to courageously speak her mind.


The Movie Sully – A Huge Disappointment

sullyI have been waiting for this film every since I learned of its existence.  On Friday, first in line to see it, I was disappointed with how slow it was.  I assumed this film would be in the same class as United 93 or Captain Phillips – Wrong – I was wrong.

I have to be honest. I actually fell asleep midway into the film. That’s how slow it was.

My one word review: Snooze!